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Bhutan received over 63,000 tourists (excluding those from the region) in 2018. A survey of a sample of over 1,700 tourists conducted by the Tourism Council of Bhutan found that most were very satisfied with their trip to Bhutan and the services of the tourism industry. Over 96% indicated that they would recommend Bhutan as a holiday destination, and over 60% indicated their intention to revisit Bhutan. This is testament to Bhutan’s approach to tourism over the last three decades and what Bhutan has to offer. Here are the top five things visitors do in Bhutan. Sightseeing – Given Bhutan’s pristine environment, rich culture and beautiful villages, many tourists visit Bhutan to soak in the beauty and get to know the country up close. Sightseeing is the easiest way to get a good idea and feel of the country and the Bhutanese. One can combine this with some trekking and…

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