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If Bhutan has fascinated you or you are planning a holiday in Bhutan, you will likely find immersing yourself in reading about Bhutan an enriching experience. We are delighted to share a curated selection of books that offer insights and inspirations for those intrigued by the wonders of Bhutan. Bhutan’s literary scene is still in its infancy. Bhutan has a few established writers with many emerging on the horizon. Further many books, as you will note below, are written by individuals who have visited, or lived and worked in Bhutan. The annual Mountain Echoes festival of Literature, Art and Culture has also generated interest in literature and writing in Bhutan. Bold Bhutan Beckons by Late Tim Fisher and Tshering Tashi presents an insightful account of the mysteries of Bhutan and the co-existence of the old traditions and modern trends. The writers beautifully chronicle the progress of the Bhutanese society in…

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