In Bhutan, happiness is not just a concept; it’s a way of life. Amidst the serene landscapes, meditation and mindfulness thrive as essential practices, offering a path to inner peace. Buddhist temples, adorned with vibrant prayer flags, dot the countryside, serving as sanctuaries for spiritual reflection and fostering a sense of tranquility in the hearts of those who visit. Bhutan’s unique blend of natural beauty and spiritual serenity makes it a haven for seekers of happiness and spiritual enlightenment.

At Simply Bhutan, we embed mindfulness, mental well-being and physical well-being in all our tours. We also specifically organise holidays to help you relax, detox digitally and recover during your holidays. We can incorporate a meditation session, a yoga class or an immersive experience (e.g. art classes) during your holidays. We can also design and craft exclusive mindfulness and wellness holidays. Kindly let us know if you are interetsed in any specific activities in relation to wellness and meditation.