Monthly Archives: September 2023

Bhutan continues to be a much sought after travel destination. It regularly features as one of the best places to visit in travel publications and specialist magazines. Bhutan is often misconceived as a difficult place to get to. Prior to the pandemic, over 270,000 tourists visited Bhutan each year, and the number of visitors has been increasing manifold in the last decade, as infrastructure has improved including the opening of a new airline. Since Bhutan opened after the pandemic, visitors continue to grow. The tiny kingdom, nestled in the eastern Himalayas, has many attractions such as rich culture and tradition, pristine environment, avenues for nature-based activities (e.g. trekking, walking, and bird watching) and Bhutan’s approach to development – the gross national happiness. Bhutan is one of the three carbon negative countries in the world and is considered a top sustainable travel destination (recently winning the ‘Earth Award’ at the ITB…

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