A visit to Bhutan is incomplete without attending one of the many festivals that take place across valleys in Bhutan throughout the year.

Buddhist religious festivals, known locally as ‘tsechus’ and ‘Dromchoes’, are an integral part of Bhutanese life. They are colourful displays of masked dances performed by monks and laymen over several days in the courtyards of the dzongs and monasteries.

Festivals have their origin in famous legends and significant historical occasions / events. The dances, performed during the tsechus, depict and describe religious beliefs and often relay the life of Guru Padmasambhava (the Great Indian Saint who brought Buddhism to Bhutan in the 7th Century AD). They usually end with the unfurling of a giant thangkha (religious painting) on the last day which draws a huge crowd, seeking blessings.

Besides its religious significance, tsechus are also a time for social gathering when people from all walks of life put on their best clothes, take a break from work and relax with their family and friends.

Tsechus are celebrated in many parts of the country and take place practically every month throughout the year. Many visitors to Bhutan make sure that they attend some of the popular ones.

If your idea of a perfect holiday in Bhutan is to immerse yourself in the festivities and experience this enthralling event, check our festivals calendar.

All our tours will generally include a day or two at some of the festivals, and you can often combine walking / trekking with seeing some festivals.