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A visit to Bhutan will be incomplete without visiting some of the most beautiful Buddhist temples in the country. Bhutan is the only Mahayana Buddhist Kingdom in the world, with Buddhism as the major religion for over 75% of the population. Buddhism is a way of live for most Bhutanese, and temples in the villages form an important aspect of community lives. The temples in addition to being places of worship are venues for important festivals in the villages where people come together in their finest clothes. Depending when you visit Bhutan, you will have an opportunity to witness some of these festivals. We highlight the top five monasteries that should form part of your Bhutan holidays. Taktsang (The Tiger’s Nest) Monastery, Paro Taktsang is Bhutan’s cultural icon. Visiting this spectacular monastery is a must. The Taktsang Palphug or the (the Tiger’s Nest) is a Buddhist temple which is built…

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