Tour of the Dragon / Dragon’s Fury

Bumthang , Bhutan

Tour of the Dragon: An ultra-marathon mountain bike race exclusive to the Kingdom of Bhutan, the Tour of the Dragon spans a grueling 255 kilometers. Renowned as one of the most demanding one-day mountain bike races globally, it presents an exhilarating challenge for participants. The race commences in Bumthang, navigating through four formidable mountain passes: Kiki La (elevation: 2870 meters) Yotong La (elevation: 3434 meters) Pele La (elevation: 3430 meters) Dochu La (elevation: 3150 meters) Cyclists conquer these treacherous heights, their determination unwavering, until they reach the Thimphu town square—a triumphant finale to this extraordinarily challenging and adrenaline-fueled bike race. The Dragon's Fury Race will be from Lobeysa to Thimphu