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Travelling to Bhutan

The Government policy stipulates that all visitors to Bhutan come through a licensed tour operator.

To ensure that all arrangements can be done within time, it is recommended that all bookings are made at the earliest possible time – preferably eight weeks in advance for trekking and four weeks for other kinds of tours.

If you intend to travel during the peak seasons (Jan - Jun and Sep – Dec), you must provide more time than indicated above for bookings.


The Government stipulated minimum daily tariff for visits to Bhutan is US$250 per person.

Surcharges for individual travellers and smaller groups (less than 3) apply.

These rates are inclusive of all government taxes and royalty, accommodation on twin sharing basis, meals, tour guides, transportation and equipment for trekking.

The rates do not include –

  • Flight tickets into and out of Bhutan

  • Visa Fees

  • Guides skilled in languages other than English

  • Medical and Travel Insurance

  • Any tips

The tariff here provides a rough estimate of the costs within Bhutan but depending on your needs, your costs may vary.

We will provide details on your travel costs as we discuss and plan your trip.

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  • Full payment for the entire tour must be made in advance to enable us to process your visa and arrange permits for your travel within Bhutan.

  • Your payment is made into the bank accounts of the Tourism Council of Bhutan who disburses your payment in Ngultrum (local currency) only after the completion of your visit to Bhutan.

  • It is also advisable to make payments for your Druk Air tickets as soon as your itinerary is finalised to help us secure seats on your requested dates

Details on payment will be issued once your travel plans are finalised.

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Cancellation Policy

We apply the same cancellation policy that the Tourism Council of Bhutan recommends as follows –

  • within 30 days of start of programme ~ no charges

  • within 21 days ~ 10% of rate

  • within 14 days ~ 15% of rate

  • within 7 days ~ 30% of rate

  • less than 7 days or without notice ~ 50% of rate

  • after arrival in Bhutan ~ 100

However for the airfare the following will apply –

 100% refund if cancelled 30 days or more from travel date,

  50% between 30 and 10 days from travel date,

  No refunds if cancelled within last 10 days from travel date but valid for one year from date of issue.

In addition additional administrative fees apply for cancellations of air fares.

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From January 1, 2013, the revised visa fees are as follows:

Single entry: US$ 40 per person
Double entry: US$ 80 per person
Triple entry: US$ 120 per person
Multiple entry: US$ 200 per person

We will process your Visa together with your tours. Approval for visa will be granted by the Tourism Council of Bhutan after the receipt of your tour payment.

This visa clearance is communicated to all entry points into Bhutan. Flight tickets (Druk Air) into Bhutan are issued only after visa clearance has been received by the airline.

Your passport is stamped on arrival in Bhutan at your entry point. You will need to provide two recent passport size photographs (with name and passport number printed clearly on the back) at the immigration.

Please provide us all the information required for processing your visa either through email or fax. We will inform you the details as you plan the trip with us.

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Entry and exit into Bhutan

Flying into Paro by Druk Air is the most convenient way to come to Bhutan. Druk Air flies regularly into Bhutan from Bangkok (Thailand), Kolkata (India), Delhi (India), Bagdogra (India), Gaya (India), Guwahati (India), Kathmandu (Nepal), Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Singapore.

The flight schedule can be found at the website of Druk Air

Entry into Bhutan and exit are also possible by road through the town of Phuentsholing in Southern Bhutan. This is a convenient entry/exit point if you visit the states of Sikkim, West Bengal and Assam in India.

You can also exit from Samdrup Jongkhar in the east to the Indian state of Assam.Druk Air also now flies from Paro to Bangkok with a stopover at the Indian city of Guwahati in Assam, about 110 km from Samdrup Jongkhar.

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Customs Rules

Upon entry into Bhutan, you can import the following items (besides your personal effects), free of duty and taxes, in the quantities specified.

1.      Personal effects for daily use;

2.      Two litres of liquor, 400 cigarettes and 150 grammes of pipe tobacco;

3.      Instruments or appliances for professional use;

4.      Photographic equipment, video cameras and other electronic equipment for personal use.

All visitors are required to complete a customs form and hand it over to the customs authorities on arrival.  Articles as mentioned in 3 and 4 must be declared on the customs form. If these items are disposed of in Bhutan (sale or gift), they become liable for customs duty.

Import of plants, soils etc. is subject to quarantine and these items must be declared on arrival.

The following are prohibited from import into the country:

1.      Arms, ammunition, explosives and military equipment;

2.      All narcotics and drugs (exempt are medically prescribed drugs);

3.      All wildlife products, especially from endangered species;

4.      Antiques.

You can export the same articles in the quantities specified as imported. However, the following are prohibited for export –

1.      Arms, ammunition, explosives and military equipment;

2.      All narcotics and drugs (exempt are medically prescribed drugs);

3.      All wildlife products, especially from endangered species;

4.      Antiques.

Visitors are advised to be cautious in purchasing old and used items, especially of religious or cultural significance, as such items may not be exported without a clearance certificate.

If you decide to travel with us – be assured that you will be informed of all these and any other additional details applicable.

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We are registered with the Tourism Council of Bhutan and a member of the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators

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