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Abound with mountains, rivers and thick forests Bhutan is drowned in exceptional beauty. A biological biodiversity hotspot, Bhutan’s flora and fauna are diverse with new species of plants and animals still being discovered.

Virtually mountainous, the altitude ranges in elevation from 100m to 7500m with some of the tallest peaks in the Himalayas. The small country is divided into three major geographical regions: the greater Himalaya of the north; the forested hills and valleys; and the foothills and the plains of the south.

The varied altitude, climate and forest cover means Bhutan is a natural home to some of the world’s wonderful plants and animals. The rich ecosystem houses more than 200 mammals, 612 species of birds and more than 5000 species of plants, including 600 species of orchids, 300 species of medicinal plants and 50 species of spectacular rhododendrons.

Owing to the government’s commitment to preserve forests and wildlife, vast areas throughout the country are designated as protected areas. There are four national parks, one nature reserve and four wildlife sanctuaries which constitute about 26% of the country, spreading over 10,758sq km. Most of these parks are also home to villagers who depend entirely on nature to provide their livelihood. It is a story of humans and animals co-existing in harmony.  

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Flora and fauna of Bhutan


Himalayan black bear, snow leopard, red panda, blue sheep, musk deer, tiger, takin, golden langur, the capped langur and the hispid hare are some of the rare and endangered species found in Bhutan. Some of the other animals are sambar, barking deer, golden cat, rhino, elephants, wild buffalo and the ever elusive yeti (or the ‘snowman’ or ‘bigfoot’ as known elsewhere).


Rhododendrons, blue poppy, orchids, irish, primula, gentiana, hydrangea, heteromalla and fern dot the forests. Some of the trees and shrubs found around the area are weeping cypress, juniper, magnolia, pine, oak, sal, maple, daphne, delphinium, euphorbia and plumbago.


A vast number of birds, over 600 species, have made Bhutan their home. Among those residing are the vulnerable black-necked crane and the rare and endangered species such as rufous-necked hornbill, Ward’s trogon and the chestnut-breasted partridge. Our tours are led by knowledgeable guides and we observe the exotic plants and animals of this extraordinary place while having a lot of fun at the same time. We have leisurely nature hikes, bird watching trips, and exploring the forests in search of rhododendrons. Come with us and explore the wonders of the Himalayan world.

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